New JUMBOS!! PICS as promised!!

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  1. Hello Lovelies!~

    I had a horrible day at work on good 'ol BF takes me on a trip to CHANEL during the are the 2 BEAUTIES I came home with.

    **Jumbo Black PATENT flap

    **Jumbo White Caviar flap




  2. wow!! Love the patent flap!! congrats enjoy them :smile:
  3. oops...more~


  4. OMG! :nuts: Congrats on the amazing bags. Would you mind me asking how much the patent jumbo was? Those are some HOT bags! You have great taste!
  5. Gorgeous! I just bought the black patent--I sure wish I could get the white one too! Enjoy these beautiful bags!
  6. Very cool - love both of your choices! Enjoy!
  7. THAnKS!! :yahoo:

    The black patent jumbo was 1895+tax.
  8. WOW! That's not bad at all! :yahoo: I cannot stop staring at your amazing patent! Congrats again and enjoy, what a wonderful b/f you have!
  9. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!
    i love them both.
    lol, clk55girl, i was thinking the same thing.... and then i started wondering to myself, since when did $1895 become not too much for a bag? chanel has done bad things to me...:P
  10. love the patenet!!! You have a rally nice boyfriend!! congrats!
  11. The patent leather is gorgeous!
  12. oh man, not another patent jumbo!!!! ugh...I guess I have to logg in those extra over time hours...because No bf of mine is buying me two amazing bags LOL.....*sigh* does anyone know if the black patent jumbo is limited?
    I looooove BOTH bags!
  13. Wow... beautiful bags! I absolutely loooove the patent one. Congrats on your new bags and for having such a generous bf hehe ;)
  14. GORGEOUS!!!!! Congrats! would love too see modeling pics :love:
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Geez, I know, it's become so bad for me that I think any Chanel bag under 2K is great deal.