New JUMBO Classic Flap (New leather????)

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  1. I justed got off the phone and ordered the Jumbo Black classic flap with silver harware:yahoo:
    I will arrive next friday since Saks EGC is next thursday and between the bag and other stuff I bought I will get a gift card back for 300.00 (thats nice):yahoo:

    Anyway what I wanted to ask is this:
    My SA said that the New Caviar Classics have different leather..
    She said the leather is softner and the corners of the bag are not as hard as the older classics and the chain is not as heavy
    She said the bag is not as heavy as the older classic flaps
    and the price is $1,775.00
    Has Anyone seen the NEWER bags she is talking about..Just wondering if there is a difference
    Thanks girls
  2. i just received a Jumbo Classic Flap from the Bal Harbour Chanel Boutique for Xmas, with the silver hardware and chain., it seems like caviar to me, I love it, and yes, now that you mention it the corners seem different!, will try to post pics tomorrow for is gorgeous!!!!!!
  3. is it some sort of soft caviar? I saw a cc case that other day and it looks like caviar leather, but when i touched it, it felt softer than caviar....
  4. ohh this new caviar sounds interesting! cant wait to see pics
  5. habanerita PLEASE post pictures as soon as you can and the SA told me the CORNERS are different...she said the NEW caviar is SOFTNER....and the price for Jumbo 1775 instead of 1695:shrugs: She said it is Beautiful...I will have to wait till it gets here next week

    me_love_purse yes She said it is the NEW caviar and Yes it is softner

    mello_yello_jen I know I can't wait to see it and FEEL it :p

    BTW MY SA TOLD ME FEB 1st Chanel prices are going up:crybaby:
  6. I know this is NOT the jumbo classic,but, it is the only picture I have of the new caviar leather. Personally I like it alot better than the older caviar.
    Copy of new12-7-06 085.jpg
  7. Thank You DJO
    I own a GST in black caviar and mine looks STIFF compared to this bag...
    Thank you for posting the picture
    When I get the bag I will post pictures of my GST and the Flap Side by Side...
    It looks like I would like the NEWER leather better also..:smile:
  8. how can we tell if the Jumbo is old or new if have never had one before (i got mine today) :confused1:
    style number? any other identifying numbers on the ticket?

    dimensions still the same??

    the real new Classic flap that we saw at the Trunk show was quilted with perforations.....................all over it, and light caviar

    the SAs said they are getting in Classic Jumbo caviars for sring, for same price as the old ones, $1,695

  9. Everything is the same but the leather AND PRICE..From what I was told..
    Can you post a picture of your bag you got today..Then maybe Someone here could let you know..I want to see your bag ....I would love to see the off white PLEASE:heart:
  10. Can't wait to see these IRL. I hope to get a bag before the price increase.
  11. is the price increase only for the new stuff or for everything, ie: purses that come out prior to feb 1?
  12. I think all chanel bags go up in price...If someone here knows different please correct me
  13. i must get with Maxaluna and have her show me how to do pics! i am embarrassed that i don't know how..............need to post the classic flap i got yesterday and me with the vinyl cabas!

    the color of my new Jumbo flap is white, but not stark, "nurse's" white - instead its a warmer white, a winter white i the color of warm pearls. SA said color is hard to find....its no. 10101 on ticket, the real white white is 10601.

    and SA said at trunk show that they are getting in new flaps for the same old price $1, i said in previous post. the new perforated flaps will be more, they are same size as Jumbo is now :yes:
  14. Ohhh softer caviar leather? It sounds so beautiful!
  15. This is the Softer Caviar In the Classsic Flap