New Juicy Couture Handbags

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  1. I hope I am not in the wrong place for listing this as I didn't see a designer forum for Juicy handbags. I was just curious what everyone thought about some of their new bags. Are they as popular as they used be years ago? I wanted to get opinions on the following bags, what you guys think, if you have purchased, etc., the Daydreamer bag in plaid(don't have a picture), the Sailing Cleo bag and the Velour Dogtooth Premier tote, both below. Let me know please?


  2. I haven't gotten any kind of response on this, just wondering if I posted in the right place.... Sorry, new to this forum.
  3. I really like the yellow tote.
  4. Yeah a response! Thanks! Do people not care for Juicy bags anymore? I have been out of the loop for some time. I saw another new one today, really really cute on the Juicy website.
  5. I don't think juicy is one of the more popular brands on this forum, it seems that people gravitate toward the more "high end" designers, but you will still find an abundance of people who do enjoy juicy here. Try a search!

    In response to your question, I do like the black tote, looks like it would be great for drizzly days.
  6. I think the Juicy bags still have a following, I see them out and about quite a bit. I've even checked out their website and thought some of them were pretty cute, although not really practical for my life. At that price point, there are other bags I'd rather get/save for.

    If you like a bag and it fits you and your lifestyle that's what matters most ;)
  7. BTW, I like the yellow tote better for what it's looks like a super-fun summer bag :tup:
  8. Thanks for the responses... Juicy was never one of my favorites, but it always seemed as though everyone was trying to get a hold of one, doesn't seem that way much anymore. As for there prices that is what I like most, but then I too would rather have a Lamb bag instead! What do you think of this one, it was just listed recently... Kind of reminds me of Lamb a little.

  9. I've seen this one before, someone else posted it on the LAMB forum because they saw the resemblance as well!

    It's kind of busy for my taste....too much going on with the houndstooth and the hardware details and the pink and green strap. But that's just me. If you like LAMB you should check out the LAMB forum. You can get them on sale (especially at the outlets) for about the same price as a Juicy a lot of the time.

    Most every forum has a thread where people list deals and sales they've seen :yahoo:
  10. I was on the lamb forum but thought I would just post these few Juicy bags here, just to see what others thought. I guess that is why I like this new bag so much, as it really does resemble lamb. ;)
  11. If you like it then you should go see it in person somewhere if you can. If it works for you, then more power to you :smile:

    It could work with the right outfit :tup:
  12. Oh boy, so many bags I want.... I am really holding out for the Lamb Jamaican Multi Jaquard that someone posted, but not yet available thru Nordstroms. I wish I could go see some of these bags, especially the Lamb bags, but the only store near me is Macys and they don't have either of these brands of bags. :crybaby:
  13. I love my Big Fluffy Juicy leather bag which I got at a Macy's close to where I work--the Macy's that is close to where I live doesn't carry Juicy.

    I think there are various levels of Macy's and some have better merch than others. My 'work' Macy's has wonderful shoes and boots, very high end. But then it is in a mall with a Neiman's so it must compete.
  14. I love my Juicy accessories, I have lots and they make me feel so fun and girly! And I think a lot of their bags are cute, the ones you posted as well! I'm not a big fan if it's too busy with velour though.
  15. I love their leather handbags. I think they are well made and reasonably priced!