New Juicy Couture bags...

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  1. I was at Nordstrom's yesterday and they have a lot of new Juicy bags. Wow! I love the leather colors. There's a beautiful cherry red group and a fabulous purple group, plus some lucious black bags. Fell in love with one of the purple leather bags, but didn't buy it (yet). :graucho:

    There's also the same colors in the velour/cloth bags, plus some nice blues, but I was taken with the leather bags.

    On Saturdays this Nordstrom's has someone there who will embroider your name on your daydreamer for free while you wait. Anyone had this done? It's interesting to see it done, and the black bags look especially nice with the silky ribbon embroidered.
  2. Oh wow, I WISH I lived somewhere near a nordies. I would love to get my daydreamer personalized! I don't have any JC leather bags, I have a daydreamer, a baby fluffy, and a "tootsie roll" bag, and they are all velour and terry. I might have to go online and look at the leather ones. Hmmmm........