New Juicy Bag

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  1. I picked up this bag at TJ Maxx the other night. It was originally $188 marked down to 99.99 and again to 69.99. At first I felt it might be a bit young for me (27) but the velvet material and deep purple sold me on it for a fall/winter bag. What do you think? :smile:

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  2. Love it! I seen it at TJMaxx too this color and black. I did end up putting it back as I am 33. But I do love the bag. It is adorable. Congrats!
  3. Oh WOW I looooooooooooove your new Juicy Bag! I am in my late twenties, and have two velour Juicy Handbags. I have the Pink Crest Daydreamer and the Black Crest Pammy tote! If you love the bag and it works for you, plus suits your style, then go for it! Congrats again it's gorgeous!
  4. Thanks guys! I love this bag, but ended up returning her. It just kept sliding off my shoulder and when it was filled w/all my stuff it didn't have enough structure and looked strange on me :sad:. I returned to the Erie, PA TJ Maxx if anyone's in the area.
  5. Aww that is too bad. Better to return as keep something you do not love. TJ Maxx has some great finds though. :smile:
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    I didn't know TJ Maxx had so much bargains.. You found a great deal!!
    Sorry it didn't work out for you : ( I'm sure you will find another good deal soon!!
  7. That is a gorgeous looking purple! My flavorite color :heart: