New job sucks!

  1. I've been working for a couple of days now selling shoes at the mall.:Push: It totally sucks. I get $8.50 an hour and have to deal with *****y people. The second day I was there, I started at 7am and got off at 1pm, and had to return at 3pm until closing (10:30pm) because one of the girls decided not to show up for her shift. That was like, 14 hours on my feet. I didn't even get a dinner break! :yucky: I was soo hungry by the time I was allowed to leave, I thought I was gonna pass out when I was driving home. My toes started cramping while I was pulling shoes off the shelves in the storage room and I've got blister's all over my heels.

    What sucks about all this is I have a college degree! My boss didn't even go to college! I graduated top of my class in Psychology and I can't find a job outside retail! :yucky: :Push:
  2. cutiepie, so sorry to hear that! Ironically I was thinking about getting a job in retail because I want to be a buyer sometime in the future and I don't think I can do that without any retail experience.

    You just need to get out there and see what else the job market has to offer. In the meantime, I hope your new job get's better :yes:
  3. Sorry to hear that.

    I was a psychology major, also. Do you know exactly what you want to do yet?
  4. Eeeeekk...sorry cutiepie. Hope things get better in REAL SOON! :flowers:
  5. I've been sending my application out to different companies this week. I am waiting for a call back now. The retail job was something that I hoped would be temporary, but if I don't get any call backs, it might be more long term than I want. It seems like nobody wants a psychologist nowadays. I was hoping to get some experience working in mental health while I get my master's degree, which I will be starting next month.
  6. Hi Buttery,

    I have my bachelor's and was hoping to get some experience working with a clinical psychologist while I got my master's degree. I'm doing an MFT emphasis, and after that, I would like to get my PH.D in clinical and do private practice. It's hard to get a job with a BA in Psych! Almost all the job openings I've seen are only available to people who already hold a master's degree, or are alreay licensed by the state.
  7. Very true...I was a Psychology/Counseling double major, but I knew that I wanted to work with university students after grad, so I became a coordinator at a university. (For a while, I coordinated graduations at one university and then distance education at another university.) I know a lot of people who work for universities while in the process of getting their graduate degrees; many take advantage of tuition benefits. Plus, it puts them right there with plenty of future references...I don't know if something like that would interest you, but it's definitely worth checking into. At one point, I worked in my university's library and registrar's office...It was actually fun and it kept me in touch with my references. The jobs paid a lot more than previous jobs, also.:supacool:
  8. aww. quit the job and maybe try to find a desk job at a psych/counsel office? like as a secretary or sec. helper? thats what my cousin did while she was getting her education in psych
  9. First jobs fresh out of school can be tough, especially when they aren't in line with your longer term professional goals!

    My first was being a receptionist, so that meant answering phones, distributing and filing documents off the FAX machine and telex (LOL, no email in those days!), greeting guests, making coffee. OK it was cool in that it was a swanky office with a great view. But I had to dress up and being on my own financially for the first time I lived on mac and cheese in a dumpy apartment but I had a great wardrobe.

    But what sucked was finding out that my boss made more in a MONTH than I made in an entire year! It would be one thing if business was booming and we were up to our ears in orders. But no such luck - the guy didn't do jack, spent 90% of his time at the country club and expected me to drop everything and bring him a cup of coffee whenever he walked into the office! WTH? :rant: I was like sheesh, I've got a degree here and I have to resort to this!!?!

    But what got me through it was knowing there was something more out there down the road. And I poured myself into learning all the ins and outs about the business - my own research project! When we got a PC for the first time I swore up and down I would become the resident expert in it and voila, it happened!

    Sorry if this is really kicked in! :lol:

    Long hours and no dinner break blows - hopefully having to double shift will be an exception and not the rule for you!
  10. Another great idea...And the job can be used for networking.
  11. ^^ good idea! I'm trying to get a job as a teaching assistang for the undergraduate psychology classes. Wish me luck!
  12. Good Luck, Cutiepie21.
  13. i am so sorry to hear that.
    how bout temp jobs....? they pay better, maybe around $15.hour, and you dont have to be on your feet.
    edit: i should mention, temp jobs as receptionist or something like that.
    i have never done it, but i have freinds right out of college who did that.
  14. Good luck. I know how hard it is to be at a job that you can't stand. I hope you can find something you'll enjoy doing.
  15. oh no, sorry to hear that Cutiepie.
    Is this just your temporary job? If it is, then just hang in there. Retail does suck. Customers can be *****y sometimes. May be next time, you should wear comfortable shoes instead of heels?
    Best of luck.