new job old carly?

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  1. so i m thinking of accepting a lateral move in another department of the public service

    this would mean giving up my daily drive to work w DH. if i have to take the bus daily, i stll wanna use my new med sig carly (the biggest bag my 4.7" self can carry wout it looking like a school bag or carry on!)

    so my ques is this- can i carry carly and put my lunch in say a little canvas tote (along w perhaps a shoe change or windbreaker when needed) or do i need to go back to my old gym bag and leave carly at home? thanks
  2. Personally, I would carry a larger tote that would fit your lunch and shoes (and perhaps even your Carly, in case you want to take her out at lunch). I find carrying two bags to be ungainly and not nearly as nice looking or convenient as carrying one. You might want to invest in a Coach gallery tote or a signature stripe tote.
  3. Oh, I'll second that!!! :yes:
  4. thanks guys. i just bought carly 2 wks ago so buying another new bag is not an option. it would have to a my old gap tote.
  5. In my *humble* opinion, you should get a large Longchamp nylon bag (~$100, but worth every penny) for your lunch/shoes/etc. Then you can carry your Carly as well and not have to worry about spilling lunchstuffs in it or getting mud from your shoes on it. The Longchamp totes have a flat bottom and a zip top, so they're perfect for public transportation. Also, they're big enough to hold your carly if you don't want to carry two bags one day. You could also get a Herve Chapilier, which has the benefit of being washable.

    I like having the two bags, b/c then I can just take my small (designer) purse to lunch/on errands/to dinner, but I have the convenience of a large bag for my workstuffs.
  6. I second this idea. Love it!