New job offer - how should I treat myself?

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What is a good back-to-work treat?

  1. Damier Pochette

  2. Mini Lin Speedy in ebene'

  3. medium agenda

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  1. I have a pending offer for a new job this week - finally! :yahoo:

    Looking to make a purchase to 'treat' myself...Was thinking a medium agenda (in either damier or mono), mini lin speedy 30 in ebene or damier pochette. Thoughts?
  2. Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene cos I love it! :yes:
  3. Mini Lin Speedy, b/c I think you'll get the most use out of it. Agenda might be good, too, but with all the smartphones and PDAs out there, I don't use an agenda.
  4. I think an agenda would be good to keep yourself a little more organized! :yes: Sure, we have awesome smartphones that can hold this type of info, but what would happen if that was dropped in water or got stolen? :push:
  5. Agenda in Damier - New job needs new organizer.

    Keep it on your new desk will sure make you look hot and classy! Hehehe... just my opinion :smile:... I am thinking of getting one for myself soon. So please flash some pics if you decided to get an agenda :p
  6. I love the idea of the agenda. I really like using mine and actually writing stuff down. I do have a phone that will take all the "data", but I am so paranoid of either losing the phone or somehow losing the info on the phone itself.
  7. The medium agenda is so useful and pretty. I have one in damier. I've been using it daily since I purchased it sometime in 2005.
  8. i love my damier maybe that!!!!!
  9. The same thing that would happen if your agenda went through the same? :confused1:
  10. Agenda gets my vote. It'll keep you organized and you'll look very sophisticated!

    Congratulations on the new job!
  11. Agenda gets my vote too...
  12. agenda for me, too! and congrats!
  13. hmmmm, I am definitely leaning towards an agenda. I was debating on size...but I think the small would be too small to write things down in. I definitely would prefer a damier pattern over mono too...but next question would be ebene or azur? ;)
  14. I voted for the Mini LIn Speedy. It's such a cute practical bag. My second choice would be an agenda.
  15. The pochette in damier is a great bag, i have it too and fits more than people expect! It's great to have your hands free.

    But when you give me the choice between a speedy and a pochette the choice is easily made...