New job... new bag! I'm in heaven!

  1. I got hired by my dream company for my dream job a couple months back, and never really properly celebrated!! Well... my "celebration" came today.

    It's funny 'cuz earlier on this month, I was planning on buying a Shoulder. I have been looking around for more info on it... and what did my dad get me (and arrived today)? An '08 black shoulder! It's nice and small and perfect for going out at night, since I don't tend to carry very much.

    I also bought an '06 Emerald first that arrived earlier on in the week. I LOVE the colour and how soft it is, and although I've heard bad things about the '06 leather, I completely disagree! She is so soft and smooshy and luscious, I just want to eat her!

    Finally, I'm just waiting for my violet wallet to come in! I can't wait, and I'm thinking that the violet will really complement my other colours. I'll post more pics when I get her.

    The bags are a little bit dry, but nothing a bit of moisturizing won't fix! I can't wait to get my shipment of LMB lotion.

    Here are some pics with my Sienna twiggy and white city! I'm getting rid of the city, but I think i'm going to replace it with either a sahara or violet city. Or maybe something else... any ideas?
    IMGP6296.jpg IMGP6297.jpg IMGP6299.jpg IMGP6300.jpg IMGP6301.jpg
  2. Congratulations to you on EVERYTHING!
    Good for you! Great job - great bags - life is GOOD!
    Enjoy them!!!
  3. congrats on your new job, great bags! Especially the emerald :heart:
  4. Congrats on the new job! And your bals are beautiful :drool: If you're getting rid of your white city, my initial thought was to go with another light neutral like the sahara, but since you're getting the violet wallet maybe a violet city would go nicely with it! But then again, a light colored neutral bag would be a good about both? :lol: Once again, congrats on the job and the 2 new bags, and GL with your upcoming one!
  5. Congrats!! The Emerald is so pretty!!

    If you're thinking of getting another bag, how about waiting for F/W? I read there's going to be some interesting colors: argent, a dark red (similar to bordeaux, maybe?), sapphire. Then again, with the price increases, maybe it's better to buy now...

    and CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW JOB!! It's always fabulous to be doing something you enjoy!
  6. Are you serious? I desperately wanted a bordeaux when I first started collecting bal... I may just have to wait and get one of those!

    Although... waiting has never really been my strong suit :nogood:
  7. Another bordeaux-like color?

  8. Congratulations!! I can't think of a better way to celebrate than by adding to your Bal family! If there's nothing you're really :nuts: for now, I agree with Jira - it looks like the fall line up may be pretty amazing!! I really love your black shoulder, though :tup:!!
  9. double congrats! Your twiggy makes me fall in love all over again with sienna- it's really such a stunning color!
  10. I am so happy for you! Congrats on your stunning bags, but even more so on landing your dream job!
  11. I am loving your Sienna twiggy!!!:heart: Congrats!!
  12. congrats on everything. nice collection u got there
  13. congrats congrats! nice collection you have there!
  14. Thanks!! I love the sienna too... i'm actually considering getting a sienna matelasse. I think the colour would look fabulous in that style.

    Someone help me, I can't stop!
  15. Wow that emerald really is a beauty, congratulations on all the good fortune !!! :love:

    And what a fantastic dad you have, I lied and told my dad that my GSH work was $ 500 and that STILL nearly gave him a heart attack !!! :roflmfao: