New job but have to take days off a month in...

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  1. I just received an amazing job offer today to start on June 1, but I just realized I have to miss 3.5 days of work in mid-July to attend a wedding in San Francisco (I'm in NYC). I bought tickets 2 months ago. What should I do?

    I'm torn between telling them now (before I officially accept), or telling them on my first day.

    What is the professional thing to do?
  2. Tell them now, before you accept the offer!

    If you are taking the offer work it in....
    "I am very excited to begin with company on this date, but I have a prior commitment, a wedding on X date in July; and I have already booked tickets".

    If you spring it on them later, they will not be so happy.
  3. tell them now. No company is going to pass on hiring you if you already have pre-scheduled vacation if they were serious about hiring you in the first place. Telling them now shows initiative, courtesy and preparedness. I hate when I hire people and they tell me after the fact especially since no one is allowed to take scheduled time off during the probationary period.
  4. Definitely do not wait!

    Employers understand that you have a life and plan trips. The time to let them know is now so they can be aware that you'll be gone.
  5. i don't think there is anything wrong with telling them right away that you already booked tickets for this event. I can't imagine them giving you grief over that
  6. Agreed. I'm just about to graduate and am looking for a job, and I have a trip to NYC planned in July that requires me to take 2 days off. I wouldn't say anything until they give you an offer, but don't accept the offer until tell them. In other words, I wouldn't bring it up at an interview or anything unless they ask (I have been asked before if I had anything planned in the near future-and I told them that I had a couple of days of exam proctoring to do as part of my previous job).
  7. agreed. tell them now.
    they are not going to change their mind hiring you just b/c you need to take a few days off.