New JLO pics of her preggers!

  1. She looks really fantastic! :p


    @ the Movies Rock event
  2. awwwwwwww so cute and glowing
  3. nice pic
  4. Not a fan of hers..but I wish her well..
  5. Not a fan either.. but nice to see her preganat and glowing it seems like she wanted a baby for a long time so I wish her well
  6. how many months is she now?
  7. she looks beautiful her belly is so cute looks like she might be 7-8 if she really has twins might be 6-7
  8. I guess she had to come clean.....there was no way to hide it anymore...that belly is busting loose....
    happy that she is finally getting her dream..
  9. She's gorgeous and glowing!
  10. She looks adorable!!!
  11. beautiful!
  12. She is REALLY far along. They waited so long to announce.

    Anyhow, big congrats to her and her hubby
  13. WOW...I didn't realize she was that far along either!!!!
  14. either she is far along or she is having twins and is just really big...i wonder lol
  15. Very cute!