New Jimmy Choo Maddy

  1. I just got my new bronze Maddy today from and there are scratches on the back of the bag! One is pretty noticeable. I love this bag! Will they charge me duties if I return it for a new one?
    They are not super-noticable, but this is a brand new bag that cost over $900.00 with duties and shipping! I just hate to wait another week or two to use my Maddy!
    I'm attaching some pictures...they did not come out very well, but if you look close you can see the silver scratch on the bronze leather.
  2. scratches -- oh no :wtf:

    Post pics
  3. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about the scratches:crybaby: I would contact tomorrow and find out what they will do to cover any additional fees or ask them to send you a replacement bag immediately (they might require charging your card for the replacement bag but crediting you once they receive the original damaged bag) so you don't have to wait.
    When I purchased a wallet from them and decided it wasn't for me, they provided prepaid return labels. Good luck and again, I am so sorry about your bag:sad:
  4. I just heard form and they want me to pay the duties to exchange the bag! I e-mailed them right way! This is their mistake! I am waiting to hear from them. I tried to post pictures, but I get an error message saying the file is too big, so I will try again. I may have to make a trip to Nordies today(65 miles) to make myself feel better!!
    How do I compress jpeg files to post pictures? I keep getting an error message. I tried to retake them on my camera using 1.7 megapixels.
  5. I make my photos smaller with my iPhoto software. What software are you using?
  6. I'm going to try this one more of my new Maddy..
  7. :wtf::tdown::wtf:
  8. I heard back from and they will not tell me if they will pay the duties for the scratched Maddy. They have to examine it first. I counted the jimmy choo items I own 5 handbags, 4 pairs of boots and 8 pairs of shoes. Am I being too anal to ask for better customer service?

    I really love this handbag! It probably will get some scratches as it is the metallic leather. I have tried to post pictures several times and can't seem to make mine small enough for this site to accept, darn it!
  9. So sorry to hear about your bag!:tdown:
    And the service:wtf::cursing:
    One idea for your photos is to take pictures with your camera using the lowest amount of memory (small size, instead of large/fine picture)... it should be able to post.

    If this is how you're being treated for your Maddy, maybe it's time for me to stop hawking the Champagne Mahala.:push:
  10. I am sorry to hear all the trouble you have had with your Maddy order through If it is unsightly and noticeable deffinitely send it back. Your last resort can be a claim with your credit card company if they try to make you pay for customs on a damaged bag. It was not received in the condition advertised.

    What I have noticed about is that the order fulfillment people are much less helpful than the customer service reps that finally return your call. My guess is if once they inspect it and JC sees the damage you will not incur the additional fees.I would try to get them to email you to this affect though as a precaution. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  11. I e-mailed Vlad for assistance with pictures. I did lower the megapixel size on my camera to 1.7(lowest) and they are still too big...I'm still learning.
    Cute little Maddy is on her way back to jchoo. :crybaby:The interior nameplate was not installed straight as well as the scratches on the leather . Seems kind of funny they wouldn't have noticed those things. They are shipping a new one out today, so hopefully I will have it by early next week :yahoo:.