New jewlery on

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  1. Just type "a" in search and it all comes up. I'm in love with almost everything. I know where all my birthday money is going.
  2. Some of it is cute, but some of it is also ridiculously priced. I mean some of their sterling silver stuff is more than Tiffany's sterling. I think that's crazy, but that's just me.
  3. $998 that's just crazy

  4. Yikes, cute but I'd rather buy a bag for those prices.
  5. o0h wow there really cute, but the prices are insane.
  6. That's funny! I posted yesterday that if you typed in the letter "A", a lot of items come up.

    I saw the jewelry today.
    It is pricey.
  7. No thanks! I'll stick with Tiffany for my silver jewelry.

    The Coach "gold tone" is just plain cheap looking. The Daphne Charm Bracelet and Cross Necklace are the ones I'm talking about.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Coach for purses and accessories but not their jewelry line. I think they should stick with what they do best.
  9. I lust after this as a re-employment present to myself even though it will get in the way clanking on a keyboard but i LOVE IT

  10. I'm with you. I'm not crazy about any of it...
  11. I agree the sterling prices are a little much.
  12. Aside from my Daphne pieces I doubt I will buy anything else from the jewelry collection. The sterling stuff all seems a bit knock off to me which is sad because I think the Daphne pieces are so unique and interesting. Makes me wonder why they chose to offer so many different styles all at once ...
  13. I went to Coach today and the lady said all the gold jewlery and the Daphne jewlery will be out on Monday or Tuesday.
  14. is it just me or do A LOT of these pieces look "inspired" ...from tiffanys?!?! like the ring? omg thats a pure knock off!!''

    and i dont understand why the goldish version is only 50 bucks but the silver one is like triple that!