New Jewelry!

  1. Thought I would post piccies of my new jewelry pieces! They are even more lovely than I expected and the SAs at my boutique went gaga over them. They are very substantial and unique pieces - the glasswork is amazing. Available now for pre-order :happydance:


    Coach1.jpg Coach2.jpg
  2. I didn't know these were both available to order yet!! I want both of these BADLY!!!
    They are gorgeous!!!
  3. That bracelet! :drool:
  4. Wow, poddygirl, those are absolutely gorgeous! I love the gold metal color, too. You have great taste! :yes:
  5. very very nice!
  6. Thanks mokoni! I have waited SO long to have these pieces in my hot little hands - they have been on my wishlist ever since I saw them featured 2 catalog editions back. I think Coach really has a winner with this new jewelry :tup:
  7. that is very beautiful enjoy
  8. :sad: SA's can't buy them, even at full price, for at least 30 days :cry:
  9. I'm clueless -- what's the rationale behind that?
  10. We don't know! We don't get it. You'd think us WEARING the jewelry would help to sell it, but noooo.
  11. I remember when I was there a manager explaining that this rule was in place so corporate could get an accurate look at how well it was selling in that first month, as they couldn't separate employee sales from regular customer sales. Apparently that's why employees couldn't buy the Katy until January (then they ended up putting tons on delete. Go figure).
  12. pretty!
  13. I definitely :heart: that bracelet. Is it made of brass? What is the length?

    Please enable me so that I may rationalize me ordering it in my head. :yes:
  14. HOT! OMG I need that necklace? I don't know if I can wait till PCE. May I ask how mcuh?
  15. I would also like to know the length of the bracelet as well.

    Beautiful pieces!