New Jewelry on ! :)

  1. here you go ladies feast your eyes ...not all included but most of it ...:smile:
    diornew.JPG diornew1.JPG diornew2.JPG diornew3.JPG diornew4.JPG
  2. and more yummies....:drool:
    diornew5.JPG diornew6.JPG diornew7.JPG diornew8.JPG diornew9.JPG
  3. this one - i have to have ! my life wouldnt be full without this bracelet! :heart: :nuts:
  4. and my really favourite line ...i would love to have it all but the prices are outrageous ...2 or 3 times more than all the other items ... 220 pounds for a bracelet, 230 pounds for a necklace and 245 for earrings ! :crybaby:
    diorfav1.JPG diorfav2.JPG diorfav3.JPG

  5. This line is sooo cute! I likes!
  6. They are really cute i love the cell phone charm.
  7. i luv the gaucho style, is that a ring or a bracelet??
  8. [​IMG]
    really cute-

  9. that is a bracelet hun in silver so 310 pounds...:crybaby: :drool:
  10. thanks so much for posting pix! all really cute...but so expensive!
  11. Very pretty! Thanks for posting! I love the cell phone strap.
  12. oh nat, thank you so much for posting all these pictures hun!

    i want all of them, and that phone strap with the dior in purple, omg! i usually hate ANY phone straps or dangling bits on my cellphone but this is one exception. now if only i had a black coloured phone!
  13. Very pretty! Thanks !