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  1. Found two new necklaces on I'm curious what everyone thinks of them. They're each $158

    Padlock boyfriend necklace:

    whistle boyfriend necklace:

    imho they are cute but I don't really think they are $158 cute.
  2. that is nice!
  3. I like the whistle necklace! Great...something else to lust after. ;)
  4. i thought those had been up for awhile...or are they redone versions of the previous ones?

    i rather like the whistle boyfriend one...hmm. :graucho:
  5. they are cute, but i wouldn't pay 158 for them. i don't love them. i'd pay $40.

  6. Agreed.
  7. What type of necklace cord is that? It looks almost like a rubber or something. They definately are cute, but not for that price...yeesh...
  8. I like the padlock necklace myself. :yes:

    I wouldn't buy it personally (because of the cord - my skin is sensitive around my neck so certain materials irritate it) but I would buy the medallion necklace that Coach sells though.
  9. I like them, but wish they came on "real" chains. If I'm paying that much for jewelry, it'd better be a metal chain.
  10. Agreed. Not $158 cute. I'm partial to the whistle, but I'd love the lock if it came in silver. I'm a silver gal myself!
  11. I really really like the padlock boyfriend necklace, but I wouldn't pay that much for it. bummer it costs so much.
  12. I agree, aren't those the same ones that have been up for a while? I like the padlock one too, because I love locks and keys and things, but completely agree with everyone, they aren't worth that much money.
  13. I really like the first one but it's not worth the price. Maybe if they knocked it down at the outlet I'd buy it.
  14. The 1st one is cute, just not my style.
  15. Yep $40 sounds about right for something like that. No way I would pay that price.