New Jersey--cheaper than Hawaii!!

  1. :nuts:

    Well... at least according to a couple of older female tourists in the Wailea boutique this morning!

    I was poking around the store & overheard one lady tell the nice, older male Japanese SA that they could get whatever wallet he was showing them, for about $225-250 back home in New Jersey. SA insisted the wallet was $300-odd ...and the ladies actually tried to haggle him down to the "New Jersey prices"... SA insisted Hawaii prices were cheaper (and even pointed out our lower sales tax)... but the ladies weren't having it.
    Yes, I butted in & echoed the SA... how could I not? :roflmfao: (Unless, of course, New Jersey has been hiding something special from the rest of us!!)

    The ladies (who were dressed for the beach) wound up exiting, discussing whether or not getting something on vacation was a good excuse for spending more on an item.... :rolleyes:
  2. haha that reminds me of the time i went to wailea and saw a woman with a fake ambre pochette that was multicolor. made me shudder.
  3. Junkenpo, you should have showed them your heatstamp. It's definitely worth it to get it while on vacation. Imagine.... they'll get back home and realize that the prices were cheaper in Hawaii! lol!!
  4. OMG--haggling at an LV store! How ridiculous!
  5. That's a sad story! I don't see why it matters where you buy Louis Vuitton - you won't be saving that much.
  6. haha too funny! somehow gave me a reminder of the tourists in chinatown haha
  7. haha! I've seen this too!
  8. They give NJ a bad name...LOL
  9. ^^yeah, and if we're gonna get a bad name, at least let us get that reduced price, but sadly, no....:shrugs:
  10. ^^HAHAHA...fer sure........LOL!
  11. ew. ive seen those.
  12. :roflmfao: Mick don't hold out on us, pass that reduction my way;) !

    That would've been funny to see.
  13. I enjoy the little discount from mainland prices we get in Hawaii at LV ... goodness knows we certainly aren't getting it on gas! :roflmfao: (FYI, Maui is usually about 40cents more expensive than Oahu...and they Oahu residents just started complaining about being back over $3/gallon.)

    Ah...but New Jersey people :sneaky:... you're not hiding anything...right?? ;) :graucho:
  14. lol- guess they haven't been to an LV in a few years!
  15. I was at LV in New Jersey last Saturday and I don't what they are talking about.