New JC bag vs new Chanel?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am driving myself nutts!:wacko:
    Trying to decided between a new mahala bag or a new chanel bag.
    I'm treating myself for my birthday and can only get one or the other.
    I want to use it as my everyday bag and am going back and forth between a mahala and a Chanel Grand shopping tote and they both are in the same price range.
    Right now I own 4 Jc bags and 4 Chanels ...

    Help a poor compulsive baglady out! What are your thoughts?
  2. I'm biased on this one - I love the Jimmy Choo Mahala bag and have that on my list for my birthday in October. I don't know much about Chanel bags but the Mahala is just gorgeous so that's my vote.
  3. Sounds like you have a great collection. Either bag would only make it better. (Noncommital answer, but so true!) :amuse: Keep us updated!
  4. Thanks Salerno182 - I just can't decide - love them both :sweatdrop:

    Starbuxxx - what color are you going to get?
  5. I love the black with gunmetal accents. I'm silver toned so that works for me over the gold.

    Have you seen pictures of Robyn's liquid patent in deep burgundy? That color is stunning and looks even better in person.
  6. Oh your right - that liquid patent is TDF!

    I have a Burgandy patent Ramona and riki, so that's the only reason I don't snag one of those beauties.
    I'd like to get something a little different than what I already have.
    I have alot of black bags too, but I'm going to check on the black with the gunmetal - that sounds nice.
    Thank you for your thoughts :smile:
  7. do you have a pic of the Chanel?
  8. I just got a Balenciaga City and LOVE it. So classy yet understated.

    **I know, this is the JC Forum. Can't help it. OK, I'm ducking right now because I see raw eggs flying my way!!!**:bagslap:
  9. Ha ha Bonnie - No eggs coming your way.
    I totally love my Choo's but I'm still "multi-bag friendly".

    Congrats on your new bag.

    Zophie - I'll see how to grab one from the Chanel reference thread, I know there is one there.
    I'm leaving for the airport within the hour so probably do it when I return home.

    ...Kind of makes me wonder how the response would be different if I asked the same question in the Chanel forum ...just a thought.
  10. I'm not as familiar with Chanel as JC so that's why I was curious as to the pic. Trying to be fair.
  11. Just to really muddy the waters - If you have 4JC and 4Chanel, have you looked at a different designer for an everyday work bag. Does it need to be robust for example, does it need to go through all weathers and seasons, does it need to take you from day to night? Just a thought :shrugs:
  12. If your looking for an everyday bag, then I would go with the GST because it's more functional and the caviar leather is really durable. Either one is gorgeous though!! Keep us posted on your decision!
  13. I think the Grand Shopping Chanel tote is your best choice if you wnat to carry it every day. I don't know much about JC, but the JC bags I have seen don't really appear to themselves to everyday, casual use. The GST is very durable/
  14. I tried the GST. The shoulder straps did NOT stay on for me, the farther one always fell off. The SA told me to fill it up, same thing.

    This has been a complaint in the past of the GST bags, if you read the threads. It's pretty, timeless, and durable, though.

    The PST straps did not fall off, but of course it's smaller.

    With 4 of each, I'd try a new designer.

    Good luck.
  15. I have a Chanel GST and love it! But I want to get a Mahala too at some point!! In general I would recommend Mahala over GST because Mahala is a slouchy bag and holds a lot more. I prefer the leather Mahalas to the liquid patent because even though the patent is georgeous it's quite stiff (I bought a patent Mahala and returned it because it was so stiff it was driving me crazy, but that's just me).

    The GST is great as a work tote because its structured and can hold papers and files, but I don't use my GST on the weekends. If like me you work someplace formal (I work in a bank) I would go for GST, otherwise Mahala all the way!!! Both bags are made in Italy and have great quality of leather and hardware.

    I love Choo and Chanel, but Valentino has some great bags too if you want a change.