New Jackie in Large...What are your thoughts..?

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  1. I am newish to Gucci and am thinking about getting a New jackie in the green or purple....What do you experts think of this bag,Has anyone seen it in real life...can it be worn as a messenger or do you think it has ruined the classicness of the original...LOve to hear your thoughts good or bad...
  2. I LOVE the new Jackie bag. I wasn't a big fan of the regular Jackie, so I very much like the updated version :smile:
  3. It's adorable! I might actually go with the green... I'm worried that purple was so popular for the last few years that perhaps it won't be this season? still one of my favorite colors and I'm still wearing MY purple bag, though! but i might look into getting a green one!
  4. I like it, I just think that the pricing on this model is high. Especially considering the economic climate. But, if you can spluge, I say do it! I love the style. Structured but not stiff.
  5. I like the enw jackie..I generally like big bags and that's why I never was fond of the classic one..I like the tan one..I'm not sure about the other colors I have to see them IRL
  6. I like the new Jackie but I would probably remove the longer strap.
  7. I have not liked anything Gucci for a while....until the New Jackie...LOVE IT. I am buying it at Saks for double points on Wednesday...

    I know the long strap is quite un-popular, but it actually looks super cute cross body or held as a hobo...if you like this bag, it is very versatile....:tup:...oh, and the leather is is expensive because it was all hand sewn...
  8. Well...I thought I was going to buy this...but $3250 for Gucci was hard to swallow....

    I ended up buying the LV Mahina in the new biscuit is a little more classy and less trendy.

    The Gucci is beautiful...more casual I truly can't put down that money for Gucci....I could see Chanel or Louis...but for some reason, not this Gucci...
  9. I think $3250 is a bit steep as well. It is a beautiful bag though. Of course, I keep my handbag purchases in the $1500 and under range. If I am spending $3000 for a handbag it had better be Chanel! And if I would ever spend 3 times that, it has to be Hermes.
  10. ITA:yes:
  11. I think it's really darling. And, it's been a LONG time since I've thought a gucci bag was worth buying.