new what to wear it with?

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  1. i haven't bought myself anything in awhile (actually i kinda think i have but i'm having shopper's amnesia and trying to convince myself i haven't :weird:smile: but either way i just ordered this true religion corduroy jacket for myself


    but now i'm wondering what i can wear it with?.........obviously it looks great with cute jeans, but i don't wear pants/jeans........i wear lotsa mini and knee-length skirts.....i have all different lengths/colors of skirts......does anyone have any cute outfit ideas? even if you don't feel free to let me know what you think of the jacket i'm excited to get it and see how it looks on :smile:'s probably now too warm to wear this jacket?
  2. o/t but looking at my post.....her face kinda scares me :unsure:

    oh and keep in mind i'm nowhere near as skinny as she is.....
  3. That jacket is super cute! Love the color! And you can totally wear it with skirts as well as jeans!
  4. Cute Jacket!! I think it would also look good with skirts. I often wear knee length skirts with short jackets too! :smile: I bet you will look great in it! :smile: Congrats!!
  5. It's a very cute jacket! It goes with aton of things, what do you mean....Do you need a bag to go with it?
  6. that is a cute jacket. you could wear it with a denim skirt!
  7. i have a pretty good idea of what types of bag i'd wear with it but not sure kinda shoes i'd wear with it?.........i actually need to shopping for spring/summer shoes mine all seem to have disappeared :blink:

    and thanks ladies for the cuteness comments.....i'm one of these ppl who always buys something and then is like "maybe i shoudln't have" so it's nice to have reassurance friends say sometimes i'm blinded to ugliness by my desire to buy something (or when something's on sale :lol:)
  8. i, too, only wear skirts, and i'd wear it with a white above-the-knee skirt!
  9. This a great jacket, it will look fabulous on you. wearing it with a prairie skirt, mini skirt, culottes. The jacket is adorable.

    Great choice !! :biggrin:

  10. That is sooooooo cute! I love it...wear it with mini jean skirt, tights under it, flip flops, and ribbed tank...) Just an idea.

    It's a beautiful color.
  11. how do you gals always wear skirts? i always feel too cold....
  12. You should try with a dress, cute little sundress and a cowboy boots. Maybe I have different taste than other people:nuts:
  13. your ideas are all so great....i can totally see myself wearing it with a denim mini and flip flops.......the weather's finally starting to warm up and i'm already out and about in my flip flops :P

    fayden it's not so bad once you get used to it....i wear lotsa tights/leggings/boots to keep my legs warm plus lotsa at least knee length high school i lived in jeans but i just feel cuter in a skirt and i'm more comfortable (except when i'm sitting on the subway and i'm worried the pervert across from me is looking up my skirt :evil:smile:
  14. no that actually sounds really cute......i wear my mother's vintage cowboy-ish boots all the time and get compliments on them.....well they're less cowboy and more just slouchy but still love them :P
  15. i hardly ever wear skirts in the winter. i think i did it once this whole season. but in the summer i wear them... funny, i bought tons of leggings thinking i would wear skirts this winter. never touched them!