new jack and lucies?

  1. hi everyone!
    there was some discussion before about the possibility of new jack and lucies for halloween and winter this year? I even heard something about a snowman version?
    Does anyone know if this is still truee or if there is any confirmation? I looked through past posts and didn't find any updated info.
    :smile: thanks!
  2. Oh i hope it is ture.
  3. There are some new cles coming out, but I haven't seen pics of them yet.
  4. I haven't heard anything about this ..... BUT I really, really, really, hope its true! :nuts:
  5. me tooo!
  6. That sounds like such a cool idea! I hope it does happen! I miss out the first time! :sad:
  7. I missed out on them toooooo. :sad:
  8. The snowman one was supposed to come out last year after the Jack & Lucie's did. I'm not sure what happened though because they weren't released.
  9. I think that would be adorable!!
  10. Ohh! This excites me! I really wanted one, so I hope they re-release them!
  11. Ooooh... a snowman would be SOOOO cute!!! :love:
  12. Maybe they're in the lookbook scans in the FW thread? Snowman sounds gorgeous!
  13. snowman sound adorable!!!
  14. There is something called Grelots in the lookbook which translates as bells and a mini hat box and suitcase with what looks like stickers all over it Vintage style and possibly opens to a mirror but the pics are small and although I've tried I can't enlarge them without losing pic quality so you just can't really make out detail
  15. Sorry if this makes me out of the loop, but what are Jack and Lucies? Anywhere I can see a pic? TIA