new items you want for your home

  1. Pretty!

    I need a new dining room table..and bar stools.
  2. That's so annoying, what happened?? New hard wood flooring is a major project and expensive as you well know, I can see why you are :mad:
  3. The manufacturer claims the installation was faulty. The contractor claims the flooring was sub-standard (then why did you install it in the first place?), but he admitted that there may have been an installation issue. Either way, I am two years past the builder warranty, so I am getting screwed.
  4. Oooh! So many things I want, not all on my list are literally new... But they'd be new to me.

    Vintage shabby chic, dixie or French Provincial desk. I'd really love the dixie desk and hutch combo that matches the dresser hutch I found. :heart:

    A shabby chic China hutch, wardrobe and corner curio cabinet. So that I can neatly put away my craft supplies in the wardrobe. And put my books and treasures in the hutch, and my little treasures in the cabinet.

    Low, white oval shabby chic coffee table. Preferably long, but low enough to sit at like a kotatsu.

    A new futon, this one has about had it. With pretty new pillows, maybe some strawberry pillows...

    A kitchenaide mixer in pink! So that I can make macaroons and things without killing my arms and wrists.

    Pretty, functional things for around the house and the kitchen. I have a whole wishpot list of fun and pretty things that I like, want or am inspired by for the house. I'll clean out the list of expired links and share it later, there are a lot of fun shops and items for household decor linked in it that you ladies may also like.
  5. Leather couches. Distressed because i have dogs.
  6. I want a makeover for my bedroom. As an adult I have never had a nice, coordinated bedroom set. It hasn't been a priority. The furniture I still like but I really need to paint and get bedspreads, pillows, nightstands and all the items that will have everything looking picture perfect.
  7. New bed frame and mattress
    New desk
    Dresser! (hooray for moving to an apartment with more room)
    and a few small things, such as: new bedding, brita filter, floor lamp
  8. New bed, bedding, pillows. And maybe a small sofa.
  9. Remote control for the light in my room ;)
  10. I want more pillows!!! You can never have to many pillows on your bed! Atleast thats my oppinoin, hehe ^_^
  11. I want a nail polish cabinet! Also maybe more shelving in my room, too.
  12. I need a curio cabinet, a new refrigerator, and a new coffee table. I would like to redecorate my bedroom and bathroom as well.
  13. I want a flat screen tv! All the tvs in my house are like, 10+ years old!!
  14. I have a long list of items I want for my home!

    Double oven
    Round table/dinette set for my kitchen
    Marble or granite counter tops
    New microwave
    Flat screen TV for family room
    Chandelier for my closet
    Curtains for my closet
    Leather sofa/love seat for family room
    New rug for dining room
    Chest of drawers for guest room
  15. I have a pretty long list since my BF and I are in the middle of searching for a home, but I really really want one of those soda making machines.
    Our friends used it at a dinner last weekend, and the orange soda the machine made was incredible!