new items you want for your home

  1. [​IMG]

    Kartell Componibili


    Kartell Jolly table


    Kartell Masters chair


    String pocket shelf (designed by Nils Strinning)


    Lamp (designed by Yki Nummi)
  2. oh i love kartell. i have their philippe starck bubble chair in yellow.
  3. Awesome choices jadise! Like Kartell too and love that chair.
  4. Definitely would love some bed side tables for the new bedroom furniture we just got from Pottery Barn:|hudson%2Bbed|3|best|0|1|24||2&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NLA_Feature_Marketing_Rule-_-

    But not the ones from the "Hudson" set, I don't like to be too matchy...perhaps these in green :thinking: :

    I'm sure I'll be posting more in this thread, there's plenty 'o stuff we want/need for our house!
  5. a sofa set for the formal living room and a bigger tv for the family room
  6. Keep checking eBay- my fiance's friend found a vintage one on there for about $1,500
  7. i would but then you're dealing with outrageous S&H charges. i think it would be much easier to try and buy one locally, even in the denver area which is only an hour away.

    but thanks, i appreciate it.
  8. I'd like some plant stands to make my balcony garden look pretty, I've been wanting some for over a year now - but they just seem like an extra and not a necessity right now, but they are on the list!
    Also would like another DVD case, a new entertainment console for the extra bedroom, a new bed frame for the guest bed, bar stools, a wine fridge, and a new hamper.
  9. a chocolate velvet sofa from z gallerie and a new coffee table. other than that my house is fully decorated.
  10. I got married this year so we have lots of home goodies on the way. Our china should be arriving soon-Hermes Rythme Red. I love it!
    We used some wedding money to order a new sofa from Crate and Barrel. The fabric is a gorgeous off white wool flannel. My parents gave us a coffee table for Christmas- a white marble topped Saarinen. I am so excited. After that we only need a side chair or two and some accessories. Decorating is a big hobby of mine, so I always find something!
  11. cakegirl you have great taste!
  12. I would like to completely gut & remodel my kitchen & master bathroom. I'd also like some new artwork. I have a lot of artwork from one artist, & I'm getting tired of her style. I need some variety.
  13. Both of my girls want their rooms redone so I would love to do that for them. Then one day I'll actually do my room for the first time. I like our bedroom furniture but we never got around to painting picking a nice comforter set and making it a great room to be in.
  14. Thanks! I like home decor even more than shoes and purses!