New items to come

  1. Hi!:smile:

    For your info,here are the new items we´ll receive:yahoo: :

    -The <<pochette accessoires>> & the <<mini pochette accessoires>> in Damier line (Navona will be discontinued).

    -A new color in Mini Monogram:<<dune>>===>looks like sand color.

    -A new dog coller in Suhali line but unfortunately only in white for the moment(MM size et PM size).

    -A new color in vernis line:<<pomme d´amour>>(translation is red candy apple).

    -Diaper bags in Mini Monogram:ébène(actual color),baby pink & baby blue(one shot for around 3 month).

  2. i thought the mono mini was discontinued? or do you mean mini lin?

    anyways thanks for the update :biggrin:
  3. Oh,yes,sorry Mini lin!!!
  4. Vernis in candy apple red!!! :love:
  5. lol ok thanks, they sound cool though! cant wait to see the new vernis colour that name 'red apple candy' makes me shiver, sounds too good to eat mmm :biggrin:
  6. :yahoo: Do you know when??? :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  7. Bright red color,really gorgeous:heart: ,you´ll see;) .
  8. Oh,sorry in January but especially for Valentine´s day,we´ll receive 3 small cute items:heart: .
    Oh!I almost forgotten:we´ll have also the belt!!!
  9. Ooooh! I can't wait!!! Eeek!:heart:
  10. 3 small cute items, yeeeeeaaaaaahhh :yahoo: do you know what? i know what i want for valentines day :P
  11. have the belt in apple candy red? SO MINE!!! omg it sounds HOT and im visiting paris agian in feb so hopefully i can catch it at the flagship :biggrin:
  12. Mini Lin in a sand color? :love: I should've held off on the ebene Speedy! :sad:
  13. And Valentine's stuff? Wowee! No matter what it is, I'm going to have it! (My birthday is on Valentine's as well as my anniversary!)
  14. do u think there will be vachetta on the new mini lin?
  15. I like the stripe denim bag from the Cruise '07 line.
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