New Items on website

  1. Hi. I was on COACH this morning and i decided to type a in the search box (like another tpfer posted a few weeks ago) and i found a few new things.


  2. I love the jewelry boxes!!!
  3. aww I love the lipstick I am think of buying one..Wow and its a resonible price.
  4. wow...
    lipstick...and totally cute jewlery boxes...
  5. Ah! I love the jewelry boxes!!!
  6. thanks
  7. Do you have a style number for the lipstick? Thanks for finding these! :yes:
  8. I must have that legacy stripe jewelry box!! Thanks so much for posting these!!
  9. AWESOME! I just saw the lipsticks yesterday. I didn't know that there were jewelry boxes!!!!!!!
  10. OMG, I've been looking for a hip jewelry box that is different and isn't one of those wooden boxes you can get anywhere. They are gorgeous, especially the legacy, OMG, I must have it.
  11. oh. my. I love the jewelry boxes but WOW too expensive for me!! darn:sad: I'd rather have a bag for that price.
  12. Those jewelry boxes would be so cute and perfect for traveling!
  13. Me, too!! Perhaps 2 of them :p
    Thanks for the info!!
  14. stealing my ideas ? j/k great finds.
    I think I need that legacy stripe jewlery box and that lipstick looks like nice colors.
  15. Wow, jewelry boxes are WAY too expensive.

    I wish they'd get the Legacy stripe keyfob so I can place an order. I'd throw in a lipstick too. LOL!