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  1. new items on the french site .. my friend Vanilla Addict will supply us with Pix within min's:heart:
  2. :nuts:


    LV1.jpg LV2.jpg LV3.jpg LV4.jpg LV5.jpg
  3. :shame:

  4. 1st two Pic's are Monogram LV-Inyl

    1: Squichy is 1200
    2: Messenger is 2900

  5. 3rd and 4th are cuir embosse

    1: Polly is 2300
    2: Stephen ( in Black and in beige) is 2500
  6. MC Mink is called Bum Bag is 5000
  7. Ps: prices are in Euros
  8. OMG im drooling over the Black Stephen :drool:
  9. Thank u VA :flowers:
  10. gorgeous!
  11. there is a multicolor mink scarf too (£3000) it is stunning
  12. :nuts: so gorgeous but very pricey :hysteric:
  13. Label Addict .. its 4000 :|
  14. The Embossed Polly is TDF:drool:
  15. Echarpe Vison Multicolor 4000 euro :s