New Items on the D&B website

  1. ehh their shoes are kinda ugly.

    i want a claer turquoise madras tote, a small white emma bag, and a small or medium nylon tote in some color. D&B has definently improved.
  2. i have a whole wishlist i won't even get into, but here are a few things that i didn't think would catch my eye, or i hadn't seen before that i like:

    if i could see these in a different color i'd probably like them more :yes:

    love this, i want a rainbow of them:

    this in like.... sky black or YELLOW, i know i'm not a fan of yellow but i think for a weekend bag, this in yellow or sky would be WOW! black is just classic:

    in green or turquoise... i'm almost thinking of ordering it when finances allow! (in green i think):

    i liked a few other things but those i had somethin to say about. some stuff isn't my taste, but that latest catalog has children in it, which means they ARE marketing nice things to younger ladies, and i suppose i can respect them in that aspect. i won't be griping so much about young ladies carrying bags anymore ;)
  3. So have their sneakers.