New items on sale on shopbop!!

  1. Hey gals. I just checked
    It looks like they added tons of more things onto their sale and the items already on sale were marked down even more!!

    I saw tons of loeffler randall shoes, t-bags, c&c california, joie, some juicy, etc.

    you should definitely take a look. and please share with us of what you bought! :smile:
  2. I just got some loeffler randal shoes! had way too many things in the shopping cart, but decided to just go with the shoes in the end ...:smile:
  3. ^ haha me too....too much stuff! Finally I was debating between a T-Bags dress and a Foley + Corinna dress, but decided to just get the Foley + Corinna!
  4. Yay! Thanks for the heads up, I've been waiting for this!
  6. This is so painful!! The Bulga I've been wanting is 30% off, but I really need it to be 40 or 50%. How I wish Shopbop had codes! Do you think as the Fall lines come out the price will drop more? SO HARD TO RESIST!!!
  7. I think they will as long as they're still in stock. Most of hte times shopbop will keep lowering the prices until the reach rock bottom and it will say "FINAL SALE". thats when you know you got the item the cheapest they can go.

    But yeah I have been debating on whether or not to get this DVF black strapless dress. If anyone comes across it, any opinions??
  8. thanks for the heads-up. will definitely drop by
  9. I got that email too. I haven't shopped at shopbop forever because I can't make myself pay $70 for a top. I can't even afford some of on sale clothes.
  10. I find their site to hard to navigate, like you can't just look at all of the sale handbags at once.
  11. Gilmourgirl, i know how you feel! i wanted that bag too and would love an additional discount, but too bad shopbop rarely have any codes. i do agree it will go down more but usually you have to be super quick to grab it.

    Chakahan, i totally agree! What I do is click on all handbags and then go to the last few pages where they usually list the sale bags.
  12. they have some good deals on denim, and some dresses i've been eyeing went down in price!
  13. I received an email about their new markdowns and checked here to see if there was possibly a discount code to add. I have four tops in my cart and keep asking myself if I really need it or do I just want it....? Nothing that I can't live without. I should just pass as I already bought three tops this week...two from Revolve and one from NM. Eekk...!
  14. I am the same - though i think i i'll risk it and wait till they take it to 50% ... they usually do ...
  15. I totally trust you guys. I'm going to hold out and just watch it for a bit...thanks!