New items on LV website

  1. Can't link that way . . .
  2. But all the new collections are pretty easy to find. City bags for women, city bags and luggage for men. Some gorgeous stuff!
  3. I don't think it's actually possible to link to individual pages on the Louis Vuitton website . . . it's all done in flash, so it just takes you back to the very first menu.
  4. ok, cant do new at this

    just go check out the bags-
    mono satin & mono satin multicolore
  5. Is that brown suede bag,there, remeber that one we were talking about before, brown suede with the yellow and blue V's, the mens tote? I thought it might be innsbrook but the picture isnt loading for me.
  6. Hi there,

    thanks for posting, didn't notice until now.

    LOVE the :heart: mono satin :heart:

    but somehow the mono satin multicolore doesn't do it for me AT ALL! :shrugs:

    Is it just me or does the color pattern remind you of the fake bags as well?! Really weird ....

    Warm regards.

    BTW: The Insbrook picture isn't working for me as well.
  7. i saw that yesterday :yes:! i :heart::heart::heart: the Mono Satin clutch:tender:. i want the black one, but for some reason the picture on the website can't load :cry:
  8. so cute:flowers: :love: ... i took some pics from the Lv site.. :nuts: :yahoo:
    mono satin.jpg mono satin (1).jpg mono satin mc.jpg
  9. Just chanced upon these bags while looking around for a document holder! Go to catalogue --> Men --> Briefcases.

    OMG they are hot, and I think we gals can carry it to work too! Esp the Cabas Vail Blanket :wtf:
  10. lvcashmere.jpg


    Here are some of the pics!! I think they are really hot and fun for work! Anyone knows how much they are? I bet I can share it with my DH!
  11. OMG the american US site is so different to ours...even the colours and pics OMG
  12. Hmmm... I'm not a fan...

    I am feeling the little logo in the middle... :biggrin:
  13. Ooooo very nice...
    I like the multicolore satin, but the material kind of reminds me of PJs...
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