New items on french LV

  1. If anyone could post the pictures, that'd be greatly appreciated, I can't seem to load the page or find the lunette !!

    But hey, the French e-shopping store still has the ambre cabas neo. I love that bag, although it's a bit pricy at 1480 Euro.
  2. Did you see the Noé? I love it! The pics are all in Macromedia.. so I can't download them and post them.. :-/
  3. The Lunette is under "Petit maroquinerie" and then Taile monogram :smile:
  4. I love the MC noe :biggrin: Saw it a week or two ago, I'll probably get it for my grandmother for her bday. I can't think of who else to give it to and it doesnt look like something I'd use.
  5. Could you just take a screen capture of it ?

    I did see the MC noe though, it's rather cute !

  6. I'd volunteer :lol:
  7. That'd be so cute, to see a grandma rocking some MC LV ! :lol:
  8. it would! She loves drawstring bags :biggrin: And she really likes my MC speedy, so it would be perfect!
  9. You're such a good grandchild :love: I bet she will love it, how sweet of you :smile:
  10. I love the Koala clasps...
  11. That is gorgeous!!!
  12. It's cute, but generally, I'm not a fan of drawstring bags...get paranoid that I'll find someone's hand in there while on the Metro.
  13. That's adorable, I love it !! :love: