New Items Listed on Let-Trade


Jeans and Heels
Mar 7, 2006
Just wanted to let eveyone know there is new items listed on LT! Including a new MC Speedy in white for $1599!

I just bought a new MC speedy a few weeks ago from let-trade. It arrived quickly and in perfect new condition.

Someone buy this quick!! :nuts:

The color combo on the front of mine is the same but the combo on the sides of this one is better than mine :wtf:
Some of their items have been shelf-sitting; I'm surprised that the Josephine is still there! I'm still waiting on a couple other items. I like the marais, but I already have a petit bucket...
does let-trade's price include shipping?

because i'm planning to buy a bag and the price says:

Price: $ 369.99 USD including world-wide EMS shipment

but then towards the bottom of the page it says:

Shipping Fee:
fixed $27.99 for world-wide (by register airmail take 10-14 days to arrive). Buyer can add extra $6.00 to upgrade to 3-days EMS service. (Highly Recommanded! We will not take responsible for lost item with ANY non EMS shipment.)

which is which? includes shipping or pay extra for shipping? :s
The site is set out a bit better now too. It looks great!! The only problem I ever have is I can't enlarge the photos - it just stays blank but otherwise it is all good.