New Items Launching August 1st!

  1. My SA called me yesterday to tell me this, but I have no other details. I'm sure it's been talked about here and someone knows something... who has the skinny? What launches tomorrow? Names, pictures, prices... any info would be awesome. :tup:
  2. The only item I know of is the monogram Pallas ...
  3. Is this the monogram bag with the long strap and double vachetta handles? If not , then i saw a bag at the store 2 women were looking at and asked the SA i was working with ....when does this come out. She said August 1st. I never saw it before on here . I am not sure of the name . She was not sure either. It was ok but nothing i wanted. :smile:
  4. Yes that is it. It comes in two colors. I really like the aurore.
  5. I like the Palles, but don't feel the need to own it. I sure hope the launch is more than just that! Or... maybe my bank account would prefer that nothing else comes out. :giggles:
  6. Oh ok. Aurore is beautiful! I know the woman trying it on put it on crossbody and to me it was up way to high on her . I think this would be a great shoulder/ arm carry bag but not crossbody. It reminded me a little of Westminster without pleats and strap for some reason. Are you getting it tomorrow?
  7. I'm not sure it's meant to be a crossbody bag even though the strap is longer. It kind of reminds me of the Artsy with a zipper. I'm excited for someone to give a review on it! I'm going to LV soon to look at it and decide...:smile:
  8. didn't i read somewhere on another thread that the Vernis Alma and Vernis Brea launch in Grand Bleu in August???
  9. Yes! I think you are right. For some reason i am thinking the 15th. But i could be wrong.
  10. I called LV the other day about the alma pm in grand bleu and was told it would be released on Aug 1.
  11. intresting to see/hear
  12. thnx for sahring i think the chains will hurt your arm??? it looks thin and heavy....
  13. Here's a pic of the Pallas my SA texted me last week :smile:

  14. Do you the price?