New items in April? and soho hobo...

  1. I read in a couple of posts here that new items will be coming out April 1st...any ideas what those will be? I'm not really crazy about what is out right now.

    Also has anyone seen the Soho hobo in tobacco at their outlet? i dont have one near me and I have been kicking myself every day that I didnt get that bag. I don't like it in the camel as much...maybe I'll go with the black. Any chances of the tobacco or other similar color coming back out this fall?

  2. Ergo: hobos, totes, wallets, keyfobs, scarves
    scarf print: hobos, wristlet

    all of this is actually available now if you go into the store and pre-order it.
  3. Some of it is actually in the latest catalogue.
  4. Looking forward to the scarf print. Coach has not disappointed me so far with that line.