New items coming soon (February-March)

  1. Hi everybody!

    Here are the new items coming soon:yahoo::

    -Neverfull Damier
    -Hampstead Azur
    -2 new colors in Epi ( purple+another violet but I can't explain exactly the color,sorry )
    -New model in Monogram <<Galliera>>
    -Beverly in multicolore
    -Eugénie wallet in multicolore
    -New cellphone case in Monogram (2 sizes available)
    -XXS (Mahina)
    -Clutch Limelight gold & black color ( 2 sizes available)
    -small leather goods in Damier Géant
    -Messenger Damier (wiht special compartment for laptop)
  2. Thanks for the info! Like the sound of the gold Limelight clutch in PM!
  3. Oh my goodness!!! Are you serious, the Damier neverfull is really coming?!?!
  4. By the way, can you identify what is "Damier Geant"? (What does it look like or is it something brand new?)
  5. Would love to see some pictures.
    At least of the cellphone-case and the damier messenger
  6. Thanks for the info ... any ideas when in Feb:p I am liking the sound of the gold limelight pm too:wlae:
  7. Thank you for the info! :flowers: Any idea about the cost of the MC beverly?
  8. ohhh i can see some there i want
  9. Thanks fpor info- very interested to see what the new Damier messenger looks like!
  10. ^^^ Me too!!! I can't wait until pics surface. :nuts:

    Thanks for the info btw. ;)
  11. Yea, can't wait for pix too! :p
  12. Looks like some insider information. We love that :graucho: Thank you!!
  13. the sound of the mc beverly and it is going to be very hard to resist the purple epi!
  14. Neverful...Damier? :nuts:

    Thanks for the info!
  15. Sorry but I have no pictures!:shrugs:
    These informations supposed to be <<strictly confidential>>!:sweatdrop:

    PS/-for AMAZONB,Damier Géant is not a new line,it does already exist (Conquérant trolley,Citadin,Messager,Yack,etc...)
    -for TFFC,I don't know the price of Beverly multico,sorry.