New Items Available on Monday 2/11? Pond Patent Madeline???

  1. Hi all,
    I just stopped by my boutique this evening and the SA told me that new items would be available in stores this Monday. She even mentioned that the Madeline would be available in the pond patent. Has anyone heard this before? Any other new items that you know of????
  2. Oh yay!!! How exciting!! I cant wait to get something from the new collection, this is great!!! I didnt know they were making a pond patent Madeline.....very interresting!:yes:
  3. O no, i haven't heard anything... that is great news though! I better make a stop at the COACH store on Monday! :graucho:
  4. Pond patent Madeline?!?! :drool:

    Can't wait to see that!
  5. Monday will be new signature stripe and the spring patchwork. The patent Madeline won't be in stores until late March/early April but might be available to order. The new store book with our summer line is BEAUTIFUL! New straw, new legacy pieces, and the re-launch of Soho. So excited to see the new things! Oh yeah...a silver metallic slim Carly, too!
  6. wow, if anyone can get pictures somehow, post 'em here.
  7. I'm not liking the Madeline but I am curious to see this!
  8. I love the patent stuff, I dont (for some reason) think I can pull it off :sad:. I cant wait to see how the new patent madelline is gonnalook like
  9. I've been wanting something in Pond Patent but I prefer structured bags over slouchy ones...I can't wait for this!
  10. I don't want to burst any bubbles but I was told by my SA that the Pond Patent was shipped back and won't be available because purses made out of it were falling apart. I hope thats not true. I loved the pond patent ergo.
  11. I saw pictures of the new Soho stuff. Its cute. I gues that has alwasy been my favorite line.
  12. The new scribble soho hobo will be mine!!!!!!!!
  13. wow...i love the madeline a patent would be perfect!!
  14. Is that why? I heard there was a defect but Coach wasn't telling me what it was.


  15. ugh - thats bad news