NEW items at the store 10/30/07

  1. Hi All,

    I stopped by the LV store today to return the motard pochette I got my wife, my wife said that the pochette didn't do it for her, it was more like a chanel wannabe.

    The Asst Mgr, the one I worked with brought out bags form the back to show me and see if I wanted to get any of them. She took out both the silver and gold Lockit suhali, the palermo GM, the cruise collection bag and also the Griet in the monogram canvas.

    I was very surprised by the Griet, It was defintely bigger thant the mirage(I think, didnt see the mirage one), it had an adjutable handle, also the middle is not metal but a full zipper. inside is lined in red lining. The only problem was the middle strap was a huge vachetta and it kinda looked weird because of the light new vachetta color.

    The gold and silver suhali lockit were decent. I'm not a fan of gold and silver bag, the gold color definitely too "gold" for me, even the Asst Mgr said that the gold color is not that great looking. silver on the other hand is somewhat better to stomach. the suhali bags are defintely more delicate and the wrinkle and blemishes will be very noticeable on the bag. it looked like they put gold and silver foil over the bag, way too delicate in my opinion.

    The palermo GM was HUGE, had a strap and 2 handles, looked too much like a granny tote IMHO. like a giant vavin with more vachetta and strap.

    That's all I have, hope that help. I apologize that I didnt snap any pictures. all the bags will be on sale starting Nov 1st.

  2. wow u have a lot of taste and apreciation for bags... lucky your wife !!
  3. Great info. I wish my husband bought me LV! I have to buy my own.
  4. lol I was thinking the same thing! :tup:

  5. Thanks, I think I am well trained by my wife about LV. I learned to appreciate the quality and I am also somewhat snobby about getting the latest and greatest for my wife. I guess it more of a pride thing for me.
  6. What a great hubby you are. Thanks for the bag tips. I won't be in until Nov. 1st, but appreciate the info on the new stuff. So far my husband has gotten the, "at least pretend to be excited about it" instructions down pretty well. But then he follows up with "Ok,but it's just a purse." Which negates the whole excitement thing.
  7. what an awesome hubby you are! thanks for the tips and info :smile:
  8. I went to 3 different LV's and none of them would show me the new Nov. 1 bags early. Just a few more days to wait until they are officially released.
  9. WoW...your wife is a very lucky woman indeed:smile:not only you're knowledgeable and appreciate LV but you actually purchase the bags for her. How lucky can a girl get???:amazed: Thanks for the tip!!!!!
  10. What a great hubby you are!!!
  11. Thanks for the update, David....

    So what did your wife exhange the motard for ???
  12. Wow, what about the cruise line bags? How did they look? My local boutique had not received them yet as of Sunday, unfortunately.
  13. Hey, thanks for the update!
  14. Thanks for the report!
  15. Wow, can you train my hubby? :lol: