New items are 70% off at LVR

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  1. My Phoebe arrived safely in the UK today:love: :love: i assume there's nothing more (customs etc) to pay as i don't see an invoice to pay any extra - plus the invoice i do have is in a foreign language! :weird:
    Hope everyone else gets theirs ok.:biggrin:
  2. I just had to fill out a form for Fed Ex which included giving them my SS number. I told her the bag was under $250 so I should not have to pay any US import duties on the bag. She said that was correct but I still had to fill out the form anyway because customs needs to know that the person importing the item does in fact reside in the U.S.
  3. Yes for you guys! I have to admit, I'm GREEN w/ envy though!
  4. Chicky and Kat,

    Make sure to post pics. I'm supposed to be living vicariously through you guys, remember? :smile:
  5. :lol: Hehe, i've put a pic over on my bag showcase....but of course, without wishing to rub it in:shame: it's bootiful!:P :biggrin: :love:
  6. My oak phoebe is at the back door! Can't wait to see it!

    LVR does discount bags all the time, you just have to check. I got a really cute JC Ross on sale; very good deal. Check regularly.

    Also, Bob Ellis Shoes should be having their sale in June. They have tons of mulberry and it always goes on sale.

    Grossman Shoes will be having their sales in June also. They have some really nice prada bags (hope they go on sale).
  7. Fed ex called me today also to try to fax me the customs/duty form. however, once I told them the bag is less than $250 they told me it could take up to 72 extra hours to go through a different type of customs but that they didn't need me to fill out any paperwork.
  8. Excellent....let us know what you think of your oak Phoebe!:love:
    Thanks for the info too!
  9. OMG that sounds complicated......:blink: :wacko:
  10. I just received my choco Phoebe! It is gorgeous! It came a little squished but other than that it's perfect. I'll post pics of it in my handbag showcase a little later.
  11. That's excellent!:lol: :biggrin:

    Did you think it was smaller before you'd actually seen it..?
    Although i knew the dimensions, i couldn't actually quite believe how large and quite heavy it is!:biggrin: :love:
  12. enjoy your bags! they sound delish.

    i don't know when i'm getting mine with the whole customs thing... and now I'm going out of town for the weekend! :sad:
  13. Thanks Purple!
    Chicky, I thought it would be exactly the size it is. I LOVE it! It is quite a bit heavier than my Rosemary. THat I wasn't expecting but it's fine. Can't wait to start wearing it. I'm going to spray it before I start using it.
  14. Hope you get yours soon purple...:biggrin:

    And yeh, Kat, it is definitely heavier than the Rosemary, but in a nice way!:love: :lol:
    I find it sits on my shoulder nicely, but the handles are also a good enough length to use as a carry bag too - oh i love versatility!:P
  15. I hadnt reaslised the phoebe was on sale before. Was it? SUCCHHH a good price!