New items are 70% off at LVR

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  1. I got the phoebe in chocolate about 1 1/2 hours ago. But maybe it worked because I had it in my shopping bag for a very long time before that...
  2. Hi girls, congrats to all who got a great deal! Is there anything left on the site?
  3. lol - thanks, i've just tried now and still nothing will add to my cart (It says the bag is still available but nothin shows on my basket:wacko: )
    Gutted - i wanted the Luella, too bad i didn't get it before!;) :blink: :biggrin:
  4. LOL - that's what i call a tactic!:biggrin: :lol:
  5. Chicky, I just tried after reading your post and the phoebe (in pink) and stevie (in brown) were added to my cart. I've erased the order, so why don't you try again?
  6. Nice! :biggrin:
  7. Thanks very much - still showing nothing in my cart though...maybe it's cos i already ordered one from them there a one bag per person limit for new customers?:blink:

    Or maybe they have just all gone....
  8. I think the pink is still available. oak and choco are gone

  9. Thanks for your input! I just got the Mulberry Phoebe in pink! great deal
  10. Congrats!:biggrin:

    P.S i've just added a Paddy to my cart and still nothin is showing maybe the site is not working properly for me..
  11. I ordered the pink roxanne, do have a picture so I could see the color?
  12. i was all excited but i can't find anything..... :sad2:
  13. lol - i got an email from LVR this morning as i asked why 'My cart' wasn't working. Part of it below.

    "I believe you purchased the last Mulberry from last season available.

    This is why the order would not go through.

    You were quite lucky to get the one you ordered!"

    Guess that explains it - none left ladies!:huh: :cry: :nuts:
  14. This is the other one i keep trying to order but can't get one to go in 'My cart'....i love it:love:
    Anyone else manage to get one...? ;)

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  15. Man, I'm always a day late and a dollar short! I would have looved a choco Mulberry..oh well..guess it's fate!