New item on ebay before the stores....??

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  1. I'm really starting to wonder how this seller gets these items (IF they're authentic) before they are released. I think I asked them and they said they get it from the coach factory... HUH??:confused1:

    Anyways.. I posted that scribble watercolour tote awhile ago and I just recently came across this one.

    Again it looks authentic but maybe it's just a REALLY good fake?


    Serial numbers are not on the drilldown and doesn't the wording on the creed look different??
  2. There was this one too. I must say wow if it is real and that I want it! Maybe a different colour though.
    I love the lining.. even if it is fake. (sorry)
  3. I know the new sig stripe tote was on eBay before anyone even knew it existed!

    So maybe?
  4. I LOVE the second bag (if its real) but maybe in a different color. I love that it has a decent drop length and it has a zipper closure! :yes: The lining is cute too.
  5. I don't know,but I got my Khaki/white ergo before it hit the stores.. the item number is available but the color doesn't show up online. I don't know how these sellers do it. I got mine WAY under PCE price.
  6. Not commenting on the authenticity of the bags above...

    However, you can order NEW bags from Coach way before they come out in the catalog or the stores. If you know the style number you can call any store or CS and place an order.
  7. As an SA, yes these are authentic. Unfortunately, even I don't know how this person is getting them. You can call CS and ask if they have items and order from them. Btw, if anyone likes the Thompson top handle, it is coming in Rose, Grass, and Black for a limited time. The black is on backorder until april and there will only be 12 produced. Just found that out today when I was helping my customer.
  8. The only thing I can think of is that maybe they buy them from Coach stores overseas that tend to get items before they are released in the states?
  9. ^^ I was about to say that. That's the only reason I can think of.
  10. I'm excited to see the new line.. especially with this new lining. Must be nice to have hookups to get these new items, but I don't think I would be selling them b/c I'm sure a lot of people would doubt the authenticity. Therefore the seller would, I assume, get less for it than it was worth.
  11. :tup: shes right!!

    and, you can also order bags that are LE that have never hit stores! (only flagship) like my belted ergo hippie!!!
  12. Oh this is exciting! I'm going to have to look into it in Rose.
  13. eBay is such a mistery, seriously. I also have no comments on the authenticity.