new "it" bag

  1. What bag, in your opinion, is the new 'it' bag? The one that you just have to have? :smile:
  2. I think the "It" bag thing has been beat to death. I haven't yet decided on a new bag, and since spring and summer colors and materials aren't my favorites I will probably wait until fall to decide on one. But I can tell you for sure that no media or hype will determine which bag I have to have!
  3. haute GO girl!!!!
  4. Amen HauteMama. I really feel like I have grown past the "IT" bag, and moved toward what is best for my needs in terms of lifestyle. Of course, I want it to be a gorgeous bag with TDF leather, and I want it to attract attention, but not because it has a name plastered all over it, or because the media says its THE bag to own.