New It Bag-- Fendi B Bag~ Love It


Sep 13, 2005
Superqueen said:
Here is a nice pic of the B Bag in blue (it appeared on Vogue US - Jan 06 issue)

It's not my style, but this colour is so nice!
I wish I could see it upright -and without some gal's hands all over it. But I think I'm already in love.

BTW - this isn't a very smart way to market something, if you can't see all of it. But many many fashion ads I've seen in every mag use this style.


Sep 27, 2005
New York City
Oh well...March gives me more time to save up.

It's a very dramatic bag and I can totally see why it is not for everyone. It looks so different from my other bags and that is why I like it. But it is one of those bags that you eiether love or hate, I think.


Addicted 29 Year Old
Hello there! I own the blue and white one if anyone would like pictures ...
I LOVE this bag - I'm a Lexington, KY native, and as soon as I saw the royal blue and white, I knew it had to be mine! It's attended many UK football and basketball games with many compliments from my fellow UK fans :graucho:

Anyhow, I just thought I'd offer it up there for my fellow B Bag lovers!