New It Bag-- Fendi B Bag~ Love It


Jan 9, 2006


Anyone Know How Much The Blue One Cost?
Does anyone know when the B bag is actually supposed to arrive in stores? I don't have a Fendi store near me... But my local Neiman Marcus thinks they'll be getting the purse--so I stuck myself on their waiting list--keep your fingers crossed for me! I LOVE the tan leather with black patent trim one AND the all black patent with beige stitching.
Fendi didn't know for sure; they think it will be a couple weeks. I would give them a call and get on the list in the flagship store if you really want it; they are great about their wait lists (from my personal experience). You can also see if they will send you a book with pictures - they did that for me with the Spy last year. I don't know if they still do it or not. I saw the pictures in the store in the lookbook. There are lots of color combos coming out.