New It Bag-- Fendi B Bag~ Love It

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  1. [​IMG]

    Anyone Know How Much The Blue One Cost?
  2. Anyways, here are some of the B Fendi bags seen in the Fendi SS06 catwalk


    AND ALSO , THE SINGLE buckle~~[​IMG]
  3. wow, what a buckle!
  4. It costs about $1860-$2000. I am on the list for the tan with black trim. The Fendi store has waiting lists open now. Call the flagship on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.
  5. wow...thanks for fendibaglady !
    is there many size for the b bag? wut's the size for that blue and white one i posted? is that small or medium?
  6. Does anyone know when the B bag is actually supposed to arrive in stores? I don't have a Fendi store near me... But my local Neiman Marcus thinks they'll be getting the purse--so I stuck myself on their waiting list--keep your fingers crossed for me! I LOVE the tan leather with black patent trim one AND the all black patent with beige stitching.
  7. I like the single buckle one. It's really cute!
  8. I wasn't that excited about the double buckle one, but I definitely think the single buckle one is cute!
  9. agreed
  10. I like it in the tan and black too, but the other colors don't appeal to me. Too primary.
  11. Fendi didn't know for sure; they think it will be a couple weeks. I would give them a call and get on the list in the flagship store if you really want it; they are great about their wait lists (from my personal experience). You can also see if they will send you a book with pictures - they did that for me with the Spy last year. I don't know if they still do it or not. I saw the pictures in the store in the lookbook. There are lots of color combos coming out.
  12. I've heard from FENDI NY that it won't be until March! *sigh*
  13. Really like it but its not for me. The buckles make it look really "mod" to me. Has anyone seen the belts?
  14. Its not for me either. But that leaves more stock for the rest of you guys!
  15. Here is a nice pic of the B Bag in blue (it appeared on Vogue US - Jan 06 issue)


    It's not my style, but this colour is so nice!