new ipod case, want more..

  1. i just bought a new cambon ipod case[​IMG]

    but now i want more.. lol.
    I am considering getting a phone case for the new phone im getting.. the phones like a razr.. is there like
    something i could get for it like a case or a cell phone charm?
    I might get a wallet on down the road.
    I know not alot of guys carry Chanel but its just so classy and gorgeous that I can't help but want it.
  2. OMG, its so cute!! If you dont mind me asking, how much was it?? I want one!!!!!!!! :nuts:
  3. It was 285+tax.
    it also comes in tan with brown c's and black on black.
    and it comes in a smaller size.
    it fits the screen weird..
    but i dont mind its rly cute =]
  4. Very cute Ipod holder-congrats
  5. I love all the Cambon accessories!!! I think they are fine for guys or girls :yes:
  6. Ooh! Congrats!! I love mine - I use it every day!! Here's a pic of the two I had. I kept the brown. The black is made for an Ipod MINI. If you are calling around be sure to get the measurements. When my SA sent the black she thought it was NANO size but it is larger than that. It might have also fit a Razer phone - not sure. But be sure to get the exact measurements. The sides are held together by elastic so the width of the case or iPod doesn't matter.

    Here you go:
  7. Do ipod cases only come in the Cambon?
  8. Yes, I believe so.
  9. That Is Gorgeous!!!
  10. i love it! i can't wait until they make one for the nano!
  11. Cute!!!! I want one for my iPod mini :drool:
  12. Very hot!!! :nuts:

    Congrats!! :yahoo:
  13. ^^Maxter, can you give me the measurements of yours? I just bought an MP3 Player and would love to get this.
  14. Do they have for ipod nano?
    because i just get rid of my mini and get the nano instead!

    if i know chanel make a mini case, i would keep it>.<'