New iPhone..Now I need a case for it...

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  1. I have been looking for a case for my iphone and i cant find one, I want a Pouch like the LV one (I alredy have a silicone case and dont like it) Does anyone else make an iphone case like the LV case? I would get the LV one but I really want black (or pink) :P
  2. LV makes black and red cases in Epi leather.
    I also saw some nice leather ones from Knomo on the Apple store website.
  3. ohhhh do you know if they sell them online anywhere? a blk LV would be nice
  4. I guess eluxury or the LV website for the US, I'm in Europe :smile:
  5. I need a new one too, the one I got is black rubber and looks military-issued.
  6. Griffin makes really nice clear, hard plastic cases. I have an iPod touch and I love the case I have for mine because you can still see the device through it and use it while the case is on. I assume they make a similar one for the iPhone. I tried the DLO clear plastic case first and hated it, it wouldn't stay on, it kept coming apart.
  7. I tried using my iPhone with a case but couldn't get used to them.
    I use my iPhone with no case and I love it!!! I've had my iPhone ever since it came out and it still looks new.:tup:
  8. I swear by InCase. I use only their products on my Apple electronics. I have this item for my iPhone and it's great I also have this case, They have some other types on there but those are my favorite. 99% of the iPhones I see, including mine a lot of the time, are naked, but I would definitely invest in a good case because if it drops on concrete or something like that, it will mess it up. Also, I would get the clear film you can put on the face to keep it completely scratch free :smile:
  9. this is my third case for my second iphone. i went phoneless for months.. only dropped it once, and man.. it didnt hold up too well!!
  10. Wow, what did it drop on? I've dropped mine a few times and it went unscathed.
  11. I have a red epi case.
    iphone case 042.JPG
  12. You should go for the Black Epi. So stylish and sleek!
  13. I love my red, because it is a pop of color in my black bbag.
  14. Did you find a case? post if you did.
  15. i love the sparkle, what kind of case is that? :tup: oh btw u look great !!