New Informations on epi available?

  1. Ever since I have seen the picture in the lookbook thread I wonder if someone knows more about it.
    Does anyone know in what styles the white epi will come?
    Or how the inside will look?
    And I am curious if they discontinue another colour as I read somewhere that they might discontinue the red? Just a rumour? I am really curious if the petit noe will still be available...and will it come in white?
  2. Thanks for making this thread! I NEED info on this!!!
  3. The discontinued colour confirmed is Mandarin ONLY.

    The other one is there will be no more gold handle on all epi leather bags in the future, will be replace with silver. Which means, if you still be able to grab whichever epi colour, grab the one with gold handle.

    Epi leather red colour is not discontinued yet so far.

    The new white epi so far is in Noe and Alma. Eventually the white colour will staying for a while. Which means more bags coming for sure.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I was told the red was discontinued and the white will be permanent
  5. Snowycoco, have you heard when it should be dscontinued? My SA haven`t had that information last time I called so I try to figure out when and if it will happen.
  6. Thanks!!! Now I know which Noé to get!
  7. My SA told me the same thing.
  8. They're not going to replace the red with a new red instead? Looks like in the look book red was still there as well as the new white epi.
  9. Mandarin and myrtille have both been discountinued. I had not heard about red, but will ask when I go Thurs.

    I think white will be available in all styles.