New Information Card with Fall '06 Bags

  1. A new card came with my rouge vif box that talks about the colorfastness of the leather. I thought it came with just the red, but I think it is a new card that will be included with all new bags.

    I called Kim at Bal-NY to see if they recommend spraying or treating now and she said that I should try not to get my bag wet, but that they don't really recommend treating with anything, although many of their customers still spray their bags before use.

    What should I do? I know I am going to get caught in the rain or will spill something - I'm kind of clumsy that way :yes: I have the apple garde spray...has anyone with a new rouge vif treated their bags? I don't want to lose the original shine of my bag?

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. oh a new card? i wanna see it please...

    try using AG rain and stain rep.

    and oh congrats on your bag!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :heart: cant wait for the VIF city!!!!
  3. interesting! post a pic puh-leeze! :tender:
  4. I can't post a pic since my digital camera is broken, but here is the text:
    "This leather item was created by expert craftsmen from carefully selected materials. The special tanning process and later re-tanning with chrome and special oils leave teh leather soft and smooth. Any irregularities are inherent features of the leather. This leather is naturally colour fast and is not subjected to proctective and water-repellance treatments. The reactions to conact with water and the change in colour, a result of rubbing and above all use of the item, are to be considered aesthetic features that are a further guarantee of its genuine nature. The cracking texture is deliberately done in a non-uniform manner to achieve a vintage effect. Our staff is on hand for any further information and needs."

    Do you think they've started including this b/c Balenciaga is tired of hearing, "No, I don't like this leather - too veiny...or that leather - too shiny...or that leather - not even enough... etc, etc" - kind of the way I heard they are limited exchanges to 2x of exchange only?
  5. Thanks N :flowers: You are going to love the vif city - the color is absolutely gorgeous!
  6. Thanks for posting that, pixie :flowers: I was thinking the same thing...its probably also a disclaimer if the bags do get stained easily.
  7. I don't have rouge vif but I have last season's rouge Twiggy. I sprayed it and it's fine. I even sprayed my black & white damask Day with good results.
  8. Kat- do you think it's fine to spray my turq.'04?
  9. I just looked at my information card and I have the same one as smallfry. Here are pics of it


  10. Thanks for posting the pics, Jen! Love your turtle, btw! Is it a box turtle of some kind? This is coming from my poor memory when I used to be really into herps, turtles especially:smile:
  11. Thanks!! Your right it is a box turtle, a male eastern box turtle to be exact. Here is a better view of the pic. He is the dominant one as you can tell from this pic lol

  12. Aww, I want!!! He is too cute! Yeah, he looks like he has an attitude. Lol!:lol: How old is he? Is he out for a bit of walkies in that shot?
  13. I'm trying to remember is age, I want to say 9. In that pic, he is reminding the others he is the :king: . For some reason the pics I take of him always turn out good. He is a very photogenic turtle.
  14. Lol! He definitely is darling!

    Sorry to go OT, gals.:nuts: Just couldn't resist Jenn's little fella!:love:
  15. smallfry, i never got one of those cards with my rouge vif. maybe they just start distributing them. i apple guard sprayed my rouge vif the day i got her and she actually got softer. no discolorations. i didn't use the conditioner though.