New Inferno Ciao's it look?

  1. It's adorable!! congrats. ahh, i love inferno..:heart::heart:
  2. Can't love anything that I am so present on. You have good taste. Consider yourself very lucky to be getting it!:yahoo:
  3. I love the inferno print ... lovely bag!
  4. I do feel very lucky:woohoo:...and a very special person:heart: bought it for me:drinkup:!!!
  5. Meant to say can't not love anything I am so present on. Good Find!:wlae:
  6. good luck with your new bag!
  7. It looks great! I have the same bag and love it.
  8. it's perfect! congrats! i just bought one off eBay too, can't wait to get it!!
  9. I was looking at that one and wondered who got it. It's beautiful!! :drool: Post pics of you wearing it when you get it.

  10. I sure will:p. You should do the same with your new inferno gioco:graucho:!!

    (---------^ smiley reminds me of a happy kitty)
  11. OMG, so cute!! I want that print!!
  12. It's gorgeous! I'm dying for something in inferno, but I just bought two other bags... my wallet wouldn't be able to handle it :p
  13. Cute bag! The inferno print is one of my faves :tup: