New Indigo Patchwork

  1. I saw the pictures of the new one in the Red Book and I didn't like it - has that ocelot cow looking print, but in blue shades. Was disappointed compared to last year's.
  2. I wish we could see some pictures of it. I guess I need to visit the boutique this weekend to see what it looks like. I bought the denim patchwork tote from last year on eBay. It was from a reputable seller and my first eBay purchase!! Hopefully it really is authentic. If you find any pictures of the new one post them. It doesn't sound like something I'll buy.
  3. i felt the same way

    i couldn't believe it when i saw it.
  4. coach really isn't thrilling people this year with their
  5. +1
  6. I dont like there new patch work either it does not look right.
  7. I don't like patchwork to begin with, but I really did not care for that ocelot print either. It does look rather cowish, not leopardy looking (rosettes I think they are called).
  8. I'd love to see it also, sneak a camera in! lol