New Inclusion Earrings...anyone have them?


Mar 2, 2006


Miss Penne' Cotta
Oct 6, 2006
i'm posting this again, maybe u ladies in this thread will find it useful :smile:

BUBBLE REVIEW : earrings, rings and bracelets

when i went to the store, all the bubbles (rings, earrings and bracelets) just came in!!! i tried on all of them!!!

the earrings are cute but they don't pop up on my ears as much, they come in a set of 2 pairs (can't get to pick the color, exactly like elle said)

the ring is huge!!! i wear a 5 and they only come in one size that's way too big for me..SA said i can squeeze the ring so it fits better but i don't think that's the way to go.... u need to wear more than one to make them noticeable cuz the bubbles are so small

the bracelets on the other hand, are so wrist is really small and they fit me perfectly i don't think many people will be able to wear them cuz they come in one size....and u have to wear 4 so they pop uo on ur wrist cuz they are really small (the bubbles)

i didn't get any cuz i decided to get inclusion bracelet instead...just wanna share the review on these babies