New Inclusion Earrings...anyone have them?

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  1. I just seen these listed on Ebay (must be living in a cave...didn't know they exhisted!)...

    They are ADORABLE!! Are they easy to obtain from LV? I think I need a pair!

    If anyone owns these...can you share a pic?
  2. Those are actually from the Bubbles line. There is also a ring and bracelets..the bracelets are on Kate Moss in the ad of her with the Mono. Leopard bags.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. OMG...they are so freaking adorable! Thanks for sharing!! I'm gonna call in the AM to see if my LV store has them!!!!

    I'm in love with the entire line!!
  5. No problem :smile:
    I love them too..I'm waiting for the store has a waiting list :sad:
  6. does elux get them????
  7. I have a pic up on this thread. There's more info on the Bubble collection there! :yes:
  8. I just got a set last week - 2 pairs in a set that are $255.00 =) I called 866 and I got them from NY (I am in OR). I've been wearing the beige ones every since I got them! =)
  9. Beige? It only comes in raspberry, pink, and light pink. The light pink may look a bit clear/beige/yellow though.
  10. I can't decide between two of these bracelets or an inclusion bracelet!?!
  11. I´m hoping these are available at the shop in Sweden when I visit next year so I can decide if they´re worth getting.
  12. i want the earrings and the inclusion bracelet!!!
  13. I have these earrings on my wish list for Santa (DH)!
  14. Ooh hope you get them so I can see!
  15. i'm posting this again, maybe u ladies in this thread will find it useful :smile:

    BUBBLE REVIEW : earrings, rings and bracelets

    when i went to the store, all the bubbles (rings, earrings and bracelets) just came in!!! i tried on all of them!!!

    the earrings are cute but they don't pop up on my ears as much, they come in a set of 2 pairs (can't get to pick the color, exactly like elle said)

    the ring is huge!!! i wear a 5 and they only come in one size that's way too big for me..SA said i can squeeze the ring so it fits better but i don't think that's the way to go.... u need to wear more than one to make them noticeable cuz the bubbles are so small

    the bracelets on the other hand, are so wrist is really small and they fit me perfectly i don't think many people will be able to wear them cuz they come in one size....and u have to wear 4 so they pop uo on ur wrist cuz they are really small (the bubbles)

    i didn't get any cuz i decided to get inclusion bracelet instead...just wanna share the review on these babies