New Inclusion Colors + Pastilles Pictures

  1. Does any body know anything about the "Candy" keychain, I have been calling LV customer services for over 2 weeks but they don't know anything.
    They don't even have any information on the Mirroir collection (thank god I have you guys!) I feel completely left in the dark :cry: :cry:
  2. I haven't heard about it. What does it look like? Approx launch date?
  3. I think it's due out in July, I know it's not long to wait but I just can't

  4. I called my SA but, she is on vacation. Let me ask Karen about it since it looks like she has one, she probably will know about it.
  5. OMG!!! that is sooo cute! i bet it would look cute in a denim speedy!!
  6. Label Addict: I was just about to message my friend Karen; did you have a specific question about the key chain? I think also, she has an ask Karen button on her site, if you wanted to ask her directly. She is really nice and very knowledgeable. Don't be shy!
  7. Definitely-ask Karen about it! She's so nice and is always willing to help :smile:
  8. I was really interseted in the price (from LV) and how available it would be.......I am hoping it's not going to be limited before LV are up to date it will be sold out!
  9. Emailed Karen, she was really helpful, it is expected out mid to late july but this is not definate, no news on the price yet.

    If any one has a clued up SA they could ask I would really appreciate the info. Thanks all.
  10. Lol..I think Karen is more helpful than most SAs. I thought I also saw a new cell charm that looked like this too but maybe it was just the keychain.
  11. Those are delicious! lol...I wanna eat them lol
  12. Is this like a mini hand cuff keychain? :love:
  13. Please forgive a stupid question, but who is karen kooper?
  14. You can check the website below, she also sells at Ebay..